The Benefits of Going LIVE on Facebook

We know we talk a lot about social media and why businesses should use it. It’s such a useful tool and a great way to reach an audience. Plus, there are some features that if you aren’t using and taking advantage of, you definitely should be! The feature we’re going to talk about, often makes us and our clients a little nervous! It’s a chance to be really open and vulnerable with your followers – Facebook Live!

Yeah, it can be scary to go Live on Facebook (or anywhere) when it’s out there for the whole world to see and it’s in real-time. I mean, who doesn’t prefer to practice 3 or 20 times before putting a video of themselves on the internet? Scary, yeah, but also great! Here’s why.

Give followers an inside look
Videos are so popular. (You think we talk about social media a lot? We also really love video.) But anyway, videos have a higher chance of being watched so when you put one on Facebook, you should get a great response! When you’re open and showing users what you’re doing right at that very minute, it humanizes you and your business. Let them know what you do in a day, share a new product, or show them something you’re struggling with to remind them it’s not all easy. Putting something out there that’s not completely planned or perfect will allow them to relate to you!

Watch results in real-time
When you’re making a Live video, you can see who’s watching and engaging with your posts and content. Comments and likes will appear as they happen, so you can see what watchers are interested in. If they’re pretty quiet while you’re talking about one thing, but active when you discuss another, it’s so easy to tell what they want to know more about!

Overall, social media is an inexpensive way to market. But having a professional video created to put on your social accounts costs a little more money. That’s why Facebook Live is a great tool to use! It’s a video so it’s more likely to do well and get attention, but it doesn’t cost you anything unless you decide to boost your video. You can have a great social media presence AND get useful data all from a video you can quickly make anywhere! Pretty great, huh?

If you’re still thinking there’s no way you’ll ever go live because, well, it’s live, don’t worry! Sure, you might make a mistake, but who doesn’t? Don’t you relate to someone who is vulnerable and makes a few mistakes more than someone who is always perfect and polished? Us too. And if you get done and really hate it, you can delete the video so users who didn’t see you live, won’t have the chance.

So, yeah, it might be scary. But it also might do great things for your business and you personally! Why not? Give it a shot.

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Becca Feauto

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