Attract and Convert Your Ideal Clients


The HIVE Connect is a toolbox of resources and content prompts paired with strategy to help you attract your ideal clients and grow your audience.

Are you ready to get some real juicy content out into the world and attract your right client?

Become a master at creating content that attracts your ideal client faster on autopilot.

Are you frustrated with the slow and inconsistent growth of your business? Not seeing the progress you thought you would? Are you looking for simple, proven strategies that grow with you as your business grows?

Good, you're in the right place.

Let me guess...

As a female founder and business owner, you're constantly working to move your business in the right direction and create content that converts.

That's great, but most business owners don't have the time to create content from scratch. Even with AI, which has been a real game changer for most, it requires you add your own personal flair and voice to it.
I have found most content creators find themselves facing one of these challenges: they have so much content they don't know what to do, or they have no idea what content to create.
If you're tired of giving so much brain space to your content creation and you're searching for a solution to save you time and money plus help you build your business, let's keep talking.

What if you had the answer

What if you had access to a toolbox full of all the resources you need to build out your content plan and strategy? Do you ever day dream of a resource library with tools that can help you convert your ideal clients and fits into your schedule?

Stop going on YouTube or joining all the free challenges and get real, actionable steps to start connecting with your ideal customer right now.

The HIVE Connect is what you need to take away the overwhelm and help you create a system that offers ease in your day and helps you create content your audience craves from you.

No more...







Let's Explore

Inside the HIVE Connect you'll get marketing strategies, step-by-step guides, and customizable templates to relieve your creation overwhelm.



Get over 500 ready-to-go social media, email and blog prompts.


Get access to tools and templates to help you nail your messaging.


Get immediate access to over 25+ short, digestible marketing training videos.

New month. More Content.

In The HIVE Connect you'll have instant access to over 500 engaging content prompts for social media, blog and email marketing. These prompts are easy to customize in minutes to make it match your voice.

Plus, each month I'm teaching you how to create even more craveable content to help you keep your content fresh and relevant.

Don't start from scratch. Join me as we use my latest assets and prompts each month to help you attract the right people and keep your audience engaged.

Ready to create content you crave to create?

You should be using your time and energy for your clients.

There's no reason for you to be creating content from scratch. There is a much better way to create not just content, but a system that helps you stay consistent and grows as your business grows.

Picture this with me, it's Sunday night and you still don't have a social plan for the week...ugh! Anyone else breaking out in hives? [No, just me?] Oh man, yup, been there too many times.

The week is suddenly here and you don't have anything ready to post. You swore after last week you wouldn't do that to yourself again. The stress is too much. But you still find yourself scrambling for what to post thinking eventually your "strategy" will just appear out of thin air. Eh, nope. Not how it works.

Been there, done that. Let's not do that anymore, mkay? I'm here to tell you, you're not alone. Many of
us who are starting our businesses or are working with a lean and mean team struggle to find the time to fit social media into our already crammed day.

So, we just don't do it at all. Doy...but we want to. You know it can help you get in front of your customer. Oh, this hamster wheel is no fun...buuuut, that's where The HIVE Connect can help!

The HIVE Connect is for you if...

> You avoid showing up on social media because you have nothing to say.

> You or a team member does your content creation/marketing and you'd like to see better results.

> You feel overwhelmed trying to create content for your business.

> You find any reason not to work on your marketing tasks.

> You are afraid others will judge you, so you say/post nothing.

So, let's cut to the chase.

You need help. [And that's ok]. Come as you are and we'll do this together. Your job is to simply grab the prompts and get creating.

Hi, I'm Becca

I opened my first business in 2014 with a $300 refurbished computer, dining room table and a whole lotta faith. I've worked with hundreds of business owners in my career and the constant challenge I hear over and over is not having a clear path for what to do next. They know the what [usually], but they struggle with the how and consistency.

That's where I come in. I am here to meet you where you are and together we set you up for future success. I've built a 6-figure business and an amazing team, I'd love to help you do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to get started?

It's time my friend, are you ready to create craveable content that tells your brand story and converts your ideal clients? Get started right away for $50.

I've personally invested over $15,000 in marketing coaches.

My goal is to help you confidently show up in your business as your true self and create opportunities that serve you and your clients. And even better, help you to see results in your personal and financial growth.

If you want this too, stay with me.

Do you need help with:
1. Posting consistently on social media
2. Cross promoting content over multiple platforms
3. Creating a content calendar
4. Writing a blog with strong SEO
5. Batch creation + repurposing content
6. And so much more

The prompts and resources in The HIVE Connect are designed to help you overcome all of these hurdles.

Remember, when you invest in yourself and in your business - there is always a return on investment.

You've got options, my friend.

Choose which payment plan works best for you, so you can get past the overwhelm and start creating results!




My promise to you.

I want you to get real value out of your membership.

This means I'll keep the content inside fresh and relevant. As the industry changes you will find new templates, masterclasses and assets made just for you. This also means I will be reviewing all the assets each quarter and removing anything that is out dated to keep everything in the HIVE up to date and helpful.
Once you sign up, you are locking this price in for life. As I build out more value inside this membership, you'll already have access to it with your lifetime membership.


Ready to take your content to the next level with simple and easy-to-execute content prompts?

Still not sure?

If you're still not sure if The HIVE Connect is right for you I have something I think you might like.

It's my FREE Facebook group, The Social Creator Community.
This group is designed to help you overcome creation fatigue by offering prompts from the HIVE to spark ideas and extract your creative genius! Join us in the group and take a little test drive of the HIVE Connect.

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