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The ladybee podcast was built on the idea that a healthy mind + healthy body = a healthy business. In our podcast we share stories of women who have started a  business and been through the early stages of challenge. We break it wall down, mindset, worthiness, burnout and business. This is a podcast to inspire women to chase their bold dreams.

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Hey there, I’m Becca Feauto [that’s pronounced like “photo”.  I know, weird right. It’s ok, I married into it.] I’m an Iowa girl who went out on a limb and started her own marketing business within two weeks of deciding with a $300 refurbished computer, dining room table and a whole lotta faith. And I say the word "awesome", like a lot. 

At the core of my being, I am obsessed with business, marketing keeps me up at night, and helping my gal pals. I am also crazy about their success that I have made it my mission to teach my proven practices and effect real results.