Is It Time To Modernize Your Brand?

Other than your brand name, your company logo is one of the most important things people will notice when they discover your brand and it’s something they’ll continue to see every time they encounter your brand in the future. It all starts with your logo. Do your customers know what you offer right away or do they have to do some digging? Is your logo appealing and relevant? It’s critical your logo tells the right story about your company.

When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your company’s brand? The truth is no logo can stay relevant forever. Times change and so do companies. The logo that once spoke volumes when your company was formed may no longer make sense. Your logo may be old and outdated, too complex, or your company has evolved too much to connect with your logo anymore. Now is a great time to update your brand. And trust us, it’ll be worth it!

We know, your logo is everywhere. And it’s a big job to plan, design, decide and implement a new brand. When your company first got started and a logo was designed, it was probably perfect for what you stood for at the time. But we all know that no company remains static for long. Companies grow and evolve over time. New services, products, and company missions are introduced, and that means your logo and brand need to follow suit. Check out some examples of big and local businesses, our new logo is included as well. 

Check out what Wendy’s has done with their logo recently:

(AP Photo/Wendy’s)

While we have come to know and recognize Wendy’s logo on the left, it’s important for brands to be up to date and relevant. You can tell that the logo on the right is new and fresh, while keeping the same pieces that we associate with Wendy’s. And Wendy’s didn’t stop there. From menu changes to how they “speak” to their customers on social media, to TV commercials and customer experience, Wendy’s modernized their brand. 

Today, it seems we are constantly being fed information, graphics and ideas. That’s why this simpler version of their logo is so great. They kept the the staple graphic, the little red haired girl we’re so familiar with, but got rid of all of the extras graphics that aren’t needed. An easy way to get a modern-looking logo and brand is just to simplify! If you feel like your logo has a lot going on, like Wendy’s did, get rid of colors, words, or graphics that aren’t necessary. 

A perfect example of one of our local businesses simply modernizing, is this logo we completed for BlankenshipMeier Painting. The first logo is their older logo. This logo included the green abstract shape and decorating. To modernize the logo, we did a simple color change and removed decorating from the name.


And a project very personal to us was our own logo! We decided on one color, a simple square, and text that says exactly who we are and what we do.  The evolution of our logo started when we realized no one who didn’t know us would know what we do. We could have been a gym, healthcare or who knows what! We needed to be clear with our design and name for our audience to know who we are and what we do. Read our full story here about our logo revision.

Another reason to update is if your business has evolved over time, and if you’re like a lot of companies, you have. Maybe you’ve added some services or your logo still includes something you no longer offer. If you and your company have changed, your logo should too. 

Domino’s is a great example of a brand that evolved so much over time, they needed a fresh look. When their image and sales were down, they made changes to ingredients and recipes, but also made a huge digital transformation that completely turned the business around. They needed a new logo that would represent their new brand. Like the others, Domino’s used color differently and made it even simpler by taking out words.

There are so many other things that you can do to create a successful brand for your business. By reviewing your customers and making sure their experience is positive, you will see an increase in your followers and overall engagement. Contact us today if you’re ready to take a few steps forward with your brand development! And of course, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get all the inside scoop about Pulse Marketing!


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