Celebrate Fall With These 4 Marketing Ideas

We welcome a new season next week and while we all knew it was coming, it can still be hard to say goodbye to summer! We’ll miss the long, warm days, but there’s plenty of great stuff to look forward to in the fall! No matter how you feel about the changing seasons, fall is a great time to have fun with your marketing! So, break out your sweaters and grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Let’s talk about fall marketing ideas!

Share a fall photo.

If you go on Instagram and search #fall, you’ll see millions of posts about the season. Colorful leaves, warm drinks, and fall fashion. This time of year is popular for a reason! Encourage your social media followers to share their favorite autumn activity! Have a photo contest with the best photo winning some sort of discount or reward. You’ll get engagement, see some great photos, and your audience will love showing off their newest fall pictures. 🙂

Fall giveaways.

Another reason why fall is so great? All of the fun activities! Pumpkin patches, apple orchards and football games are just a few of the places we love to spend the season. Have a giveaway for a chance to win tickets to a game or orchard. You can make your audience work hard for it (take the perfect fall photo!) or have them simply like a picture or comment what they’re looking forward to/why they’d love to win the tickets, etc. 

Goodbye summer, hello fall.

Say goodbye to summer with an end of season sale. It can be to get rid of summer inventory, or a surprise one day sale on new merchandise! Whatever works best for you and your business. Everyone loves a good sale, so you can have some fun surprising your customers while welcoming the new season!

Get into the holiday spirit.

Fall has a few popular holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, so you can easily celebrate and tie them into your marketing plan. But, you can also celebrate the holidays that don’t usually get as much attention. The official First Day of Fall, Boss’s Day, or World Kindness Day are few of the lesser known autumn holidays! You can really never go wrong celebrating any kind of holiday, so tie it into social media, offer a sale, or simply share how you’re participating. 

With so many exciting things happening during the autumn season, it’s a great time to have some fun with your marketing! We hope these ideas are helpful to you as you plan your marketing for fall or at least give you some inspiration! Thanks for reading and if you want to see what Pulse is up to during the season, follow us on Facebook!

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