Bad Habits on Social Media

Bad habits – we all have them! Nail biting, being late, procrastinating. The list of possible bad habits could go on and on! There’s also a long list of bad habits that can happen on social media. But unlike being late, these habits are pretty easy to break!

A bad habit a lot of us can be guilty of is forgetting to be personal. Today, almost everything we do can happen behind a screen. We do shopping, research, planning, communicating, and that’s just a start! So on social media, it’s important to remind users you’re not just a website, but a person. Share some photos of something other than your products or services. People will love to see you and your team members, new things in the office, or fun behind the scenes pictures! You can also be personal by replying to comments made on your posts or pages.

If you’re replying to any comments made, hopefully you’re listening and using that information, but another bad habit can be not listening. It can be easy to post something and log off right away. And sometimes we’re in a hurry and we don’t have time to check out what all those notifications are. A lot of times you can get some great feedback on social media! Listen to what your followers are saying and then, if you can, do something about it! Let them know you’re listening and there to help them. If they’re loving your latest product or upgrade, thank them and use the information to make doing business with you a great experience. If you see a lot of comments about something you can improve, let them know you’re listening to that too and doing your best to make it better. Yeah, social media is a place where you usually do the talking and share information and pictures. But remember to listen too!

Not finding a balance between fun and strategic posts might be a bad habit you don’t know you’re making! Sure, your website can be the place to learn information, make purchases, and check out the details. Which means social media can be just for the fun stuff, right? Well, yeah, but social media is also a great place to market and reach certain audiences so you’ll want to have some strategy behind some of the posts you create. And it goes both ways! If you only use social media to target and sell, you should consider adding some more fun, laid back posts in there as well! Find a good balance between the two to have a well rounded account.

Well, do you have any of these bad habits? If so, don’t worry! Like we said, they’re easy to break! Take a look at your social media accounts and see if there’s anything you could improve on.


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Becca Feauto

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