3 Tips to Help You Prep Your Small Business for Time Off

When was the last time you took a break and ACTUALLY had a break? ⁠Like, I’m talking you put the phone down, shut the computer and did not, I repeat, DID NOT feel bad about it? Or that you’re going to miss something and it won’t get done right away. 

Do you feel uncomfortable yet? Cause if you’re like me, this kinda “break” didn’t exist for a long time. As a business owner who has created a lean and mean team it felt like taking a day off was just so not feasible. There was so much to do, who the heck was gonna do it if I didn’t? Who was gonna check the work? [I was quality control too.] Who was gonna make sure the client got what was expected? [Now I know, btw, that my team always had it handled and that this was my issue, not theirs.] 

⁠But eventually I had a revelation, an epiphany of sorts. What if I could take a day off cause my business would be ok without me for 1 day annnnnd, I would actually be BETTER in my business for doing so. Whoa, what a concept. 

So, today I’m gonna break down three tips that will help you prep your small business for time off cause girl, you deserve it.⁠

1] Plan ahead

Yes, I know this is like “duh” but when you are planning to be out of the office there is a lot to do. And I myself have been guilty of thinking I will post while I am away and leave that to-do on my list still. Uh, wrong. Cause let’s be honest, the last thing you want to be doing is working on your social media posts while your kids and family are hanging out at the beach. And even more honest, we don’t want our kiddos to remember mom working on vaca, at least I don’t. You by no means have to keep up with your regular content frequency, just be consistent with whatever amount you choose.⁠ I recommend creating content so that you can work ahead on your social, blogs and newsletters without feeling super overwhelmed.  

2] Schedule It

Schedule your content before you leave – I recommend at least 4-5 posts per week – so you don’t have that task looming over your head. This way if the moment strikes and you get a cute pic at the beach you are choosing to share it vs. feeling like you have to find something to post that day. 

3] Communicate and Relax

It’s not a big ask to take some time off. Let your clients and customers know what you’re up to and that you will be away from the office. Setting proper expectations is key and who to contact or when you will return their calls/emails is all it takes to have a relaxing vacation or time off. Remember, self-care days or time to just catch up with yourself mentally/physically is ok too. It doesn’t have to be a week, it could be for a day or 2, but letting your team/clients know you will be unavailable will help you to stay unavailable and allow you the time you need to relax. 

I know it’s easy to say that you are going to take time off and then there’s the reality of actually doing it so if you don’t get everything done before you jet off, don’t fret. Give yourself the grace and break you need. Leave the laptop for the time being. I promise you will thank yourself. The work will always be there but these moments will not. Cherish them now while you can. 

Need help getting your social, blog and email plan organized while you’re out? Grab my Social Media Calendar for free to keep your marketing organized while you are away…or anytime for that matter.

With grace and love, go own your awesomeness ❤️

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