Stop putting your dream on a shelf.


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What is standing in the way of you going after your dreams?

Is it the idea to actually chase your dream turned into “someday” will be a better time to start? Or maybe you haven’t thought of what you want in so long because you are bogged down by the different titles and hats that you wear each day.

 In today’s episode, I speak with Kristi Huss who is a coach, speaker, and author of the book Empty Besting. Kristi took inspiration from her real life to navigate the truths of empty nesting and turn a challenge into a lesson. 

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear Kristi share how she went from a household of 6 to empty nesters overnight and her creative journey in rediscovering herself.

In this episode we discuss:

[8:43] the revelation Kristi had when she announced her plans to write a book
[12:35] Kristi’s process to write her book
[20:29] how Kristi set boundaries with her family to pursue her passion
[26:31] he number one thing Kristi wishes more moms knew

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