why you should prioritize your financial health


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How do you talk about sensitive topics?

We’re all taught that there are three things you should never talk about: politics, religion, and money. The downside? We never actually learn how to have healthy conversations about managing our money that help get our financial health in line, early, before making big money mistakes.

What if you knew how to leverage your money to create wealth for your future? What if you knew how to manage your money, or even what that looks like. As a woman, it’s so easy to delegate the money management and check out. In today’s episode, I speak with Kim Kletschke of Kletschke Wealth Management of Stifel. She shares why it’s critical for women to participate in financial planning and management.

Tune in to hear why we don’t talk about money like we should, what you can do today to shape up your financial health, and what the biggest barrier is for you to become debt-free.

In this episode we discuss:

[7:32] Kim shares how she got. into wealth management
[17:41] why people don’t like to talk about money
[31:31] the biggest barriers for people to become debt-free and acquire wealth
[34:51] the basic rules for a healthy financial future

Book Recommendations:

1] The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
2} Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach
3] Bible

You can connect with Kim Kletschke on LinkedIn or at kletschkeinvest.com

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