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May is Mental Health Awareness month and man, I feel like it has been a heavy one. With suicide rates at an all time high, therapists booked out for months and recently another school shooting, it is very clear we need to make some changes.

In this episode I am with my friend Jen Sueper owner of Worthy Sister Boutique. Together, we break down how our mindset can change how we think and view ourselves and therefore can change our behavior. We dig deeper into the knowing of how we think and talk about ourselves and discuss the stigma around therapy and how to take the first steps on your self healing journey and how to stop judging yourself. Join us as we talk through her emotional and physical journey and what she’s doing to help her kids know they are enough, they are loved, they are safe.

In this episode, we discuss…

  1. [5:00] when her co-worker/friend calls her a negative person.
  2. [8:25] you don’t see mental health issues. There’s no cast or crutches.
  3. [9:30] how what you say to yourself each day is 80% negative.
  4. [13:00] how we can train our brain to reframe negative thoughts.
  5. 14:37] negative self talk in our kids. Doing daily affirmations helps.
  6. [20:00] nobody talks about depression/addiction. There is so much shame attached to it.
  7. [23:00] how to teach yourself selfcare, even it that means the small things like washing your face before bed.
  8. [28:30] the role of social media and mental health.
  9. [35:40] how to take the first step

Jen’s top 2 book recommendations:
1] Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly
2] Boundries Dr. Henry Cloud

You can connect with Jen on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Worthy Sister Boutique on Facebook.

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