I Started My Business By Accident

I started my business by accident. It wasn’t like I didn’t want to, I knew “someday” I wanted to start a business, but I had excuses. My biggest excuse was that I wasn’t sure what business I wanted to do. At that point I had been working in marketing for almost a decade. I really liked it.

But all good things did come to and end. Change was a coming. After years of working at an ad agency, I made the decision to look for a different job — still marketing. After a few interviews things were not looking good. I was coming up just short or was overqualified. I felt scared. I had a family to feed and bills to pay.

A few weeks later I was at an event. A friend and past client of mine was there too. She knew my story and asked me why I wasn’t considering opening my own business. I didn’t respond. But in all honesty, it was because I didn’t think I could. I kept thinking about money, security, benefits, the list goes on. I have kids, a mortgage, debt. That would be irresponsible of me. Almost selfish.

All this ran through my head in a matter of a few seconds. Seeing the panic on my face, in that moment she eased my mind when she said she’d be my first client. And she was. Two weeks later I had my business name and first pitch. With no logo, website or any promotion of my business, I did the pitch. I didn’t get it, but I was beyond grateful for the opportunity to sit at that table. To share my ideas, and get that first pitch done forced me to work through the process right away. There was no time to over think or for second guessing, and I got the early nerves out of my system and built some confidence.

After a few more conversations, I got a few more clients and we were in business. We created a logo, website and built our social media pages. Got the business cards, envelopes, processes in place.

I’ll never forget those who took a chance on me at the beginning. I am forever grateful for you! <3

Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do something, that includes yourself. Even if you don’t have everything ready, go in and get started. The rest will follow. Now, get to work.


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Becca Feauto

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