faith. loss and love.


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I believe most women are resilient. We do what we need to do to get it allll done. So, when a challenge presents itself, we are likely to rollup our sleeves and jump in ready to tackle the task at hand. But what happens when that challenge is out of our control and not matter how much “tackling” we do we can’t fix it?

In this episode I am with my friend Erin Bahrenfuss with Strive Health & Wellness is on the show talking about faith, loss and love. If you’re not familiar with Erin she is a warrior both in business and in her journey of loss. With a passion for helping women achieve their personal health goals and a proud step-mom to three boys, when she learned she was pregnant, she was overjoyed. But soon after she miscarried and like so many others, her heart was broken. Join us as we talk through her emotional journey of unquestionable faith and love during a time of loss, while still building her health and wellness business.

In this episode, we discuss…

  1. [5:50] Not having to know it all stop you.
  2. [10:30] Going from the best day to hearing the news there was no heartbeat.
  3. [17:50] How faith got her through the hard days.
  4. [22:20] Allowing yourself time to grieve and give permission to feel.
  5. [23:00] How others can support and better understand this situation, even if she hasn’t been through it herself.
  6. [26:45] How purpose kept her going, even when she felt like she was sinking.
  7. [33:13] 3 ways to keep your mindset strong during a hard season.
  8. [36:06] self-discipline tips you can apply today.

Erin’s top 3 book recommendations:
1] Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick
2] Winning the War in Your Mind by Craig Groeschel
3} No Place Like Known by Megan Valentine
4] MUSIC: Peace be Still by Hope Darst

You can connect with Erin on Facebook and Instagram.

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