Cultivating resilience in the face of unexpected challenges.


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Life is about the journey, not the destination.

You know when you feel like if you can just achieve that ONE thing, then life will be better? We’ve all thought it: If I can just lose 10 pounds or make 6 figures in my business, then everything will be great. What happens if you achieve that one thing and life turns upside down?

That’s what happened to today’s guest, Jess Milanes. She struggled for 3 years to get pregnant and then once she finally became pregnant, she experienced physical and mental challenges that turned her world upside down.

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear a story about resilience, knowing your limits, and finding strength in the face of uncertainty.

In this episode we discuss:

[9:07] Jess receives a devasting diagnosis
[20:38} the unexpected hospital stay
[36:40} Jess faces yet another challenge after her daughter’s birth
[56:50] what Jess wishes every woman knew

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