choosing to be sober.


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Why is it when a woman says she’s not drinking the next comment is usually, “Are you pregnant?” Whether as a joke or for real, we live in a culture that has fully embraced an accepted alcohol as a way of life. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice it’s everywhere. Since taking a closer look for myself, I came to the conclusion I didn’t want it to be part of my life. I was using it as crutch and I needed to release it and learn to stand on my own.

In this episode I am with my friend Katie Roberts to discuss our decision to check our relationship with alcohol. Together, we share our personal stories around how we each decided to take a closer look at our relationship with alcohol. Each of us has a very different reason and approach to our journey and together we share how we challenged ourselves and chose to take a break.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • [4:10] alcohol as part of creating a certain personality, but the truth is it wasn’t, it is just who I am.
  • [8:25] the physical aftermath of drinking.
  • [13:19] how accepted “mommy wine culture” really is and when you choose to stop drinking people automatically go to that you have a problem or that you’re pregnant. 
  • [17:40] how I didn’t want it attached to my identity.
  • [19:30] what has changed since taking a purposeful break from drinking. 
  • [22:22] clarity with a sober mind.
  • [27:44] how to tell your people you’re taking a break from alcohol.
  • [31:00] that you don’t have to have a “problem” to take a closer look at your drinking. 
  • [33:30] how you can still celebrate without alcohol. 
  • [36:30] how to handle those first few times hanging with friends after starting your sober journey. 
  • [39:50] how you can get started with your journey by joining Facebook groups and connecting with sober minded people. 
  • [44:30] how to tell someone and hold your own self accountable to your decision and choice to take a break from alcohol.  

Katie & Becca’s top resources:
1] Sober is Cool [Facebook group]
2] Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker
3] This Naked Mind by Annie Grace
4] The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace

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