the 4 biggest costly copywriting mistakes


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What if I gave you the secrets to transform your marketing?

Copywriting is the most effective method of marketing. So often we think that the visuals are the most impactful when marketing, but overlook the most important component: how you speak to your audience. This is what distinguishes you from your competition, not the pretty things. Though we like those too. 😉

Copywriting can make your audience feel like you are talking just to them. That you understand their needs and have the solutions to help them. Good copy takes your audience from thinking “oh that’s nice” to “is she inside my head?!” If you want to move the needle in your marketing efforts, dial in your copy and see results.

Tune in to find out what the 4 Biggest Costly Copywriting Mistakes and together, we’re gonna uncover how you can fix them!

NOTE: I did create a workbook a while back for this when I did it as webinar. I have updated it a bit and included it for you here. I recommend printing it off and grabbing a pen to take some notes and write down your ah-has.

What is copywriting anyway?

Copywriting is one of the most important elements of advertising and marketing. It’s the process of writing persuasive words that inspire or motivate people to take a specific action. Copywriting is any and all of the words you use to share about your business. The words you use for social media, email and website and even the words you speak are all part of copywriting for your brand. 

Copywriting Mistake #1: We write all about us.

When we write all about us, it tends to feel pretty self-centered and does not come from a place of service. It’s hard to connect what the outcome will be if it’s only about the company and not about the consumer.

Copywriting Mistake #2: We don’t clearly understand what problem we solve.

If you’re not clear on what actual problem you solve, it can be hard for your consumer to fully understand how you can help him/her. If she is confused, most often she will move on to find a different solution. Getting crystal clear on what problem you solve and more specifically, how you solve it, is the key to connecting and converting new business.

Copywriting Mistake #3: We don’t write a solid headline/hook.

Writing a solid headline is key to getting your ideal customer to stop her scroll and pause long enough to see what you’re sharing. Social media, email and blogs all require a little creativity when it comes to getting our face-paced audience to stop and actually click on our content, but most people focus on the content itself and leave a headline as an afterthought. Try writing the headline first when your creativity is not drained and tweak it later if needed. 

Copywriting Mistake #4: We don’t include a call-to-action.

After a lot of time has been concentrated on writing the content, if we don’t ask our reader to do something next, she’ll simply move on. Invite her to continue to consume your other brilliant creations by sharing another blog, podcast or even share your offer or freebie. Whatever you do, be sure you are inviting her to stay engaged with your content. 

In this episode we discuss:

[6:03] what is copy
[7:32] the first mistake in copywriting
[12:06] what problem do you solve?
[20:08] how to write a killer headline or hook [grab the headline analyzer here ==>
[25:01] finding the call to action that works for you and your audience

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