Self-Care During the Summer

How has your summer been so far? We hope you’re enjoying the warm, long days and are able to do some fun things! We’ve said it before, but we really enjoy this season. Unfortunately, during the excitement and busyness of it all, we can forget to practice self-care and focus on ourselves. It seems like there’s always a lot going on which is great! Until you get burned out from running around and didn’t realize it until you’re already exhausted. This summer, remember to take care of yourself! Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas!

If you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed with everything you have to do, go for a walk. If you enjoy being outside, that is. But getting outside and doing a little bit of physical activity is good for you and your body! Go by yourself to gather your thoughts and get refreshed or grab a friend and ask them to join you. During this season, there are so many great ways you can enjoy the outdoors and spend a little time on yourself. Go for a bike ride, go running, rent a kayak, read a good book outside. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as it’s something you love!

Something we really enjoy about summer is the farmer’s market! Visiting your local farmers market is good for you in so many ways! You can get out and walk around, enjoy the fresh produce and products, or just go for fun and scope out the booths. It’s so simple, free (unless you find some great goodies!) and you can focus on all of the exciting items for sale instead of what you have to get done that day. Plus, spend as much or as little time there as you need. 

Summer is a great time to try something new. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, but never found the time or you keep talking yourself out of it, just do it! Practice self-care by focusing only on you once in a while. And that can be by doing something you normally wouldn’t do! It can be something as simple as taking a book to a park when you normally read in your living room. Just go for it and see how refreshed you feel afterwards! 

Our last idea (for now) for how to take care of yourself during the summer? Drink lots of water! We spend a lot of time outdoors, sweating, enjoying sweet drinks and treats, and with so many other drink options, we don’t always want water. But, as you already know, it’s so good for you and you’ll feel better after a long day outside if you have plenty of water available. 

This season is the perfect time to spend with family and friends, go to plenty of ball games, and work on all of those outdoor projects you’ve been wanting to get done. But in the middle of all of those fun activities, don’t forget to spend some time on yourself! Enjoy summer and all it has to offer while feeling your best!

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