Our Ideal Client and Your Ideal Agency

Over the last few years, our experience working hand-in-hand with small business owners has shown us that our clients tend to share these traits:

1. You are busy.

2. You have great strategy, but could use someone to walk alongside you and assist with the details.

3. You want to see results.

4. You don’t have time to hire, train, and babysit a new marketing representative.

We’ve worked with enough business owners that we’ve created a business model that matches the need of many small businesses in our community.

As you’ve watched your business grow, you’ve probably felt a little guilty that you haven’t consistently posted to Facebook, your website may not have the most up-to-date portfolio, brochures have gotten old, and google listings are a bit out of date. You’ve toyed with hiring a marketing manager but aren’t ready to make the move. We’re here to tell you, it’s ok to wait.

A mistake many small business owners make is hiring a marketing representative to take over their social media, update the website, and develop new materials without giving any information about long term business goals. Not to mention, it immediately adds a substantial cost to the overhead of the business. And an even bigger challenge is by doing it this way, the skills and programs required to design a logo or a new brochure, update the website (which may require some coding background) or create retargeting advertisements is often overlooked by business owners and requires a very diverse skill-set that few people have.

So, there is a benefit of working with a marketing firm. It’s not only about assisting with the strategic plan for the company and aligning marketing efforts to achieve those plans, they can also offer a team of professionals with skill-sets that match each individual marketing need.

Pulse Marketing offers free a business consultation to discuss the unique need of your business and what strategy will be the best investment for you. It’s up to you make the call, contact us today!

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