my 3 daily non-negotiables in business.


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You can have it all but you can’t do it all. 

As a woman with many identities (business owner, wife, mom just to name a few), it is critical that I set my day up for success. I can’t do it all, but I’ve learned through trial and error what works best for me and my business. In this episode, I share my top daily 3 non-negotiables for business that I set up daily and how they have helped me create a sustainable work life integration.

1] Set up for your day.

Block time each day for certain activities and don’t waiver. Prioritize the 1-2-3 [Rule of 3] and can add on more if I have time, but if not, those are my main goals for the day. 

Ways to set up your day: 

1] Block your day with buffers to drive/eat/etc. So you have realistic expectations. Color Code.

2] Block time for LUNCH/working out/reading/journaling 

3] Work on 1 task at a time – the ONE Thing [book]

4] Know when you’re most productive and when you need a break and plan your tasks around that if you can. If you don’t know – take note and be aware of your peaks and valleys when it comes to your energy and brain expense. 

If you need, get an accountability partner if you need some extra support – send your week to her in advance and check in on Friday – how’d you do, what’d you do, where did you get distracted, how can we improve that for next week. Remind each other of your goal/why to help keep on track.

2] Take time to create.

Most of my clients are creators – they have knowledge they want to package and sell to create real lasting results for their clients. Taking time to create products is a must but I am also talking about creating a plan for your business future – it is easy to get stuck in the here and now – the day to day that can seem hard and less exciting. 

To keep myself from forgetting what it’s all for, I take 10 minutes each day [more if I have it – up to 30] to create. I journal, write, or even audio record me speaking about what the future holds. I even created a pep talk to myself that I can listen to while running or cooking dinner that keeps me aligned with where I am going and reminds me why I am working so hard – and that it won’t always be like this. 

Ways to carve or find time to create: 

1] Block 10 minutes off after lunch to get your notebook out and write – you’re already away from the computer so it works. 

2] First thing in the morning before the craziness of the day overtakes you – [I do mine in the morning because I tend to do my best creative work in the morning.

3] Create while on a run or doing something physical where your body is in a flow and something feels good – stop to write it down or voice it. 

It connects your WHY to you and your actions each day. Call it day dreaming – I call it creating – creating the life I want. 

3] Honor your boundaries.

This is a biggie for me – and probably the hardest to honor but the more I do the more I feel in control of my day and take on work that is HELL YES work. 

I used to think working a million hours meant I was successful, that I was on my way to the top baby! I would wear my busy business owner badge of honor so proudly. But then around 2017/2018 it hit me that I was exhausted all the time – my kids suffered because I was so angry all the time – my marriage wasn’t great – my family was getting what was left of me – I was giving my best self to everyone else and not those who I loved and cared for the most. Uh, not ok. 

So, in 2019 I took on more. I went to a whole new level of exhaustion – cause why not. I got into business with a friend and instead of slowing down I now had 2 businesses to run full time. I worked every single day that year. Every weekend at least some each day and I was the total definition of burnout. I had that hard conversation with my business partner just over a year later. That break up was hard, but I needed it to happen for my health, my relationships and to save my other business which I launched a new name and brand on March 8, 2020. Ha, we all know what happened next. I got the rest I needed. 

Ways to honor your boundaries: 

1] Stay in your lane – your zone of genius. Don’t try to fit a project into what you do – square peg round hole – If it doesn’t fire you up to a HELL YES! The answer is no thank you.

2] Set times around when you are available to your clients and honor them – let them know and do not respond if it’s off business hours. And if you don’t work weekends, that’s ok. Don’t. 

3] Set office hours and when you shut the business off – this means close the laptop till the next day and turn off your office light – when you leave the office, leave the office. Do NOT check email. This is discipline at it’s finest but you thank yourself when you are fully present with your family and able to hang with them in the evening without feeling anxious because of an email you read that got you triggered. 

Verbiage to saying no: 

1] No thank you. I am not the right fit for a project of that scope. Thank you for thinking of me. 

2] I don’t do that line of work anymore, but I know someone who does. [Connect them to each other via email or ask the person if they want or have capacity for the project.]

3] I don’t take calls or meetings on the weekend. Is there another time that will work for you?

BONUS! – 4] Self Development each day

Listen to a podcast, read a book, or take a course and learn from others. I strongly believe in building knowledge that can become actionable. 

Ways to add self development to your day: 

1] Read a book – a chapter a day means you read a book or more a month [15-20 minutes]

2] Listen to a podcast – find so many online or ask a friend/your social audience what they like

3] Watch a free training – or do a challenge – course – something to visually consume online 

I would love to hear which one of these non-negotiables resonates with you the most! Shoot me a DM on Instagram @theladybeepodcast and tell me what your top non-negotiable is.

In this episode we discuss:

[4:51] I share my two words for the year
[6:06] what it means to setup your day
[7:09] the rule of three and how to implement this in your day
[14:28] the power of an accountability partner
[18:37] how to take time to create
[24:39] why you need to honor your boundaries
[32:05] bonus 4th daily non-negotiable

Book recommendations for business: [all about staying focused and using your time with intention]

1] Essentialism [The Disciplined Pursuit of Less] by Greg McKeown
2] The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
3] Busy by Tony Crabbe

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