Finding Your Brand Voice

When you run a business, you know you need a good logo and website. You have your social media pages up and running. You try different ways to connect and reach out to your audience. But what about your brand voice? Do you have one? What’s it sound like?

Okay, so before we get too much into this, let’s talk about what brand voice even is. It’s the way you speak to and connect to your audience. You can be soft, friendly, strong, firm, informative, or witty. It depends on you, your company, and your target market. But whatever voice you choose, it’s important that it’s authentic.

We know. This sounds a little crazy. But it’s important for your business! The way you speak and sound to your customers can create a certain emotion. If you’re in a more serious business, you might not want to make jokes that would cause people to become uncomfortable. Your brand voice might be best as informative and strong. If you have the wrong voice, your customers might not take you seriously.

So how do you find your brand voice?

First, you should know who you’re talking to. Who is your target market and what are they like? If you were to talk to them in person, what would it sound like? What do they care about? Why do they do business with you and what do they want from you? Maybe you’re a dentist. You know people might not love going to the dentist, so your voice could be comforting, friendly, and soft. You make them feel at ease and comfortable when they’re actually in your office, right? So when you’re still trying to get them in your office, you should sound the same way.

Since your voice should be authentic, it might sound like your own voice. What are you like and what’s your personality? Keep that in mind when finding your voice and make sure it matches your business.

When finding your brand voice it’s also important for you to decide how you want to come across to your audience. Do you want to be funny and make people laugh? Do you want to keep it simple and light hearted? Do you want to be a place where people go for information and advice?

No matter what brand voice you choose, it should be consistent. Your brand voice will make you and your company interesting and relatable! And who wouldn’t do business with a company like that?? If you need a little help finding your voice, complete our audit!


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Becca Feauto

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