3 simple steps to fierce clarity


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What would it mean to you to have clarity in 2023?

With all the noise in the world, it can be hard to pinpoint what is actually necessary to move the needle forward in your business and life. Do I really need to record videos of me dancing? Is an evergreen course the only way to market myself? Will any of these ACTUALLY serve my business and my ideal clients?

Let me ask you, are you ready to build something great? Or, do want to stay where you are, frustrated with the slow and inconsistent growth of your business?

I get it. Spinning your wheels trying to get a different result can feel, well, overwhelming and exhausting. Whether you’ve been in business for decades, or just getting started, getting clear about how your unique talents impact those you serve can be a real game changer when it comes to thriving in your business.

But, without clarity and a real goal to work towards, everything feels urgent, productivity gets shattered and you sit back at the end of the day wondering what the heck you accomplished. The feeling of overwhelm takes over and self doubt rears it’s ugly head. What you want is the opposite of overwhelm. It’s freedom. Freedom comes when you get really clear, crystal clear. And it’s possible for you.

Because, truth is, with the right strategies in place, anyone can build a great business. And, now you no longer have an excuse. I’d love for you to hit play to listen to 3 Simple Steps to Fierce Clarity for 2023.

Put an hour of time aside as together we unpack:

1] Why you’re stuck spinning your tires trying to connect your ideal customer.
2] What’s not working and work together to course correct.
3] The 3 questions to ask yourself everyday to fierce clarity.

Grab your notebook, a pen, and a coffee and let’s dive in!

In this episode we discuss:

[3:39] the common roadblocks to achieving clarity
[7:52] why clarity is important in your business
[10:20] the first step in getting clear for 2023
[15:49] your unique proposition
[21:05] the third step in getting clarity

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